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Full Version: Write to Ty Pennington of Extream Makeover Home Edition
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Hi Everyone! Ladyhawke found this site too....
You can write to Ty Pennington of ABC's Extream Makeover Home Edition, maybe they can help, or know someone who can! - and maybe hearing from enough folks they will see how much so many people care about The E.F., that they will be encouraged to help!

It's worth a try!

Here is the section "news" where you will find the link at the
bottom- right "Say Hi to Ty!" you will see the word "join" just click on that word!
Found their mailing address, and their web-page!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Lock and Key Productions
1149 South Gower Street, Suite 10
Los Angeles, CA 90038
FYI I wrote to Ty on his website about recreating the castle entrance at the farm. But really, the show he works on needs visuals in the form of a video tape. Does anyone want to apply to EM and make sure a video tape is sent to LA at the address listed in the post above? To make an unforgettable tape, I would just go over to the shopping center with the camera and tape some of the old entrance and then take a road shot of the farm and indicate by pointing where the new castle entrance could be built. Also any still pictures would work. Someone being interviewed showing the need for this recreation and showing the pieces that have been moved already would be a nice touch. Also pictures from the governor's citation. I hope someone can take this on as a project with Ms Clark's permission.
Barbiedoll, sounds like a great idea. You know, I have some video footage from the EF of the front caslte dateing as early as this past summer. I believe the footage is from May of 2005, and I believe I also have some from just this past August, when I went down after the 50th birthday celebration at the farm. Also, I have footage of all of the structures from Clark's Farm, including the duck, swan, Jack and the Beanstalk (unfinished of course) as well as the new arrivals this past summer, which include Merry Miller's house, the Rainbow bridge, the red school house, etc. I could make a tape to send, if you wanted, or I could send you what I have and we could combine footage. The more footage there is the better. I think the videos would really make it a heart-felt expierence for them, especially when they see how much work has already gone into saving all of the structures at the farm. Perhaps I could make a music video montage with scenes from the original EF site, then splice together footage from the farm. Let me know what you think. Now, I don't know when I will have time to do this; probably around mid December if that's ok. I am busy with college, but during break, I would dedicate myself to this project. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
Jason B.
Hi Guys!

Jason,(Batman), and I have also talked about making and sending a video...Jason, could you get to the farm this Saturday??

Also...the next thing that is already in the works on behalf of The Enchanted Forest, is to see that The Original Entrance Castle at The Enchanted Forest is saved! ...Kimco wants to keep The E.F. Entrance Castle, The Sign, and Old King Cole. I'm sure it draws people into the shopping center...but if any of you have seen is falling apart...and I have info. from people on the restoration team from Clark's Farm, who have been into The Forest, that there is a hole in the roof of The Entrance Castle...also if you look at the front wall of The Castle you will see the surface is buckling and popping off. This is due to rain getting inbetween the wall and the surface,(that stucco-like coating), and when the temps. change it causes it to pop off. Also the turrets which are made of metal are rusting and subsequently caving in. Last December Kimco did give the building a sanding down and painting but admittedly said it was only a cosmetic improvement and that they planned to fix this landmark building up.

At The E.F.'s 50th Birthday Celebration, I spoke with some folks whom I think could possibly help, and who were VERY interested in seeing this, what will be the last original structure, saved on it's original soil.

If Kimco wants to keep this building, and keep it fixed up, that would be fine, but if not, I wish they would just give it to the farm. I think a replica of The Entrance Castle over at the farm would be fantastic! And to at least have that one original building left on it's original soil...AND to have an HISTORICAL roadside plaque next to it! I think it is the least that can be done to honor the original Enchanted Forest on it's original soil!

The Castle could be repaired either according to historical guidlines, which would include the turrets being made of metal, or ..Mark Cline said that the turretts could even be made of foam and fiberglass, making them lighter and last longer, and easier to maintain, (which might appeal to Kimco). Either way, this ONE LAST STRUCTURE SHOULD BE SAVED!

I would like to see EM help to bring over all the salvagable E.F. pieces as possible, including The Old Woman's Shoe, (which STILL sits over at The E.F. outside of the fence), repair The E.F. Entrance Castle on it's original soil WITH an Historical plaque added, and over at The Clark's Farm to have some sort of replica castle entrance, and even a much needed office space for Martha Clark! After seeing what EM has been able to do for others it would be WONDERFUL to see them be able to help preserve something for MANY families, touched by this ENCHANTED place, and those who have yet to discover it's magic! ...and if they can not help, if they could at least help us get in contact with others who can...that would be fantastic!

Thanks for all the great ideas and posts everyone! Lets keep working on this!
good news...looks like Jason,(Batman), and I are going to go and try to get some video footage on Sat.! Thanks Jason! icon_wink.gif
I would love to help repair the castle. I agree with the historical sign, I was just talking to my dad about that too. The castle does look in bad shape and in need of repair. Maby EM could build a castle just like that at the farm. Then they could sell tickets and suvineers in that just like the original ef. Hopefully we can get everything possable at the farm and if not it could be probly recreated. Have we heard any more on toot? I have also noticed that the lights that shine on king cole are both blown out. These should be fixed too. The sign also could use a bit of repair it looks rusty and falling apart. They should put lights on that sign and clear the bushes and vines from around it too. They could have lights shineing on the castle. That could be a project for EM or evan efps could help repair it. Then they should put a placque on the castle woth those names that helped repair it. Does anyone like these ideas icon_question.gif
Hello all. Yes Matt, I like your ideas. There must be a way to appeal to Kimco the importance of saving the castle and the King Cole sign on the original site. As I believe Monica has already stated, the castle and Old King Cole draws people to their shopping center, and it would be in Kimco's best interest to keep the structures well tended. With that in mind, I believe we need to start some sort of fundraiser, or some way to gain more funds, in order for Kimco to endorse these ideas. Unfotunatly, it's all about capital (money) and perhaps this video idea that has been thought of can help. I am still planning on making my way down to Maryland this Saturday and shooting some video to send off to the Home Show; sorry, I can't recall what the name of the show is, but I'm sure Monica will fill me in. The imporant thing is that the structures are salvaged and kept up. I thouroughly enjoy driving down Rt. 40 and stopping to look at the entrance castle and the old king cole sign, because there is such a history on THAT SITE, and I think preserving those two strctures on that site is an importance. From an historical perspective, the site is important to the community, and to the residents who remember visiting the EF way back when. Let me know what you all think, and I'll let you all know how the video comes along. Bye.
Jason B.
Yep! Lights on The E.F. Castle and on The E.F. Sign and Old King Cole! Definitely!

But...Kimco should be the one to pay for the fixing up of The E.F. Castle etc. especially since they want to keep it...unless of course someone like Extream Makeover Home Edition can come and fix it.

Kimco should be the ones to pay for having it fully restored, but then possibly Kimco could work out something with Clark's Elioak the farm could keep the paint job up on The E.F. Castle in exchange for free advertisement, like a small sign to tell folks that the peices have been relocated to the farm, and give directions??
Like a placque or something that tells you how to get there sounds good. Who would we have to talk to to get one of those historcial signs there?
Kimco should help pay.
Matt, I think the owners of the building , (KImco) would have to apply to the National Historical Registry for one of these historical plaques. I do have some contact info. on the National Historical Registry, and will find out who to talk with about it. I'm sure Martha and others involved would know more, so I will ask, and see what comes up!
Well, we got alot acomplished today!... Jason and I were able to meet at the farm today and got some great footage!!!! Jason did the filming, and I did some narration. We got everything we think we need, including a brief introduction and E.F. history, standing in front of The Original E.F. Entrance Castle. Some footage of The Old Woman's Shoe, and some great footage over at Clark's Farm too, including Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach, The Mice, and even the "after" of The Crooked House and Crooked Man, and the "before" of The Merry Miller's house.
Jason will be splicing everything together and we will send a copy of the video out, along with a letter,( just needs some tweeking on the letters), to both the Oprah, and the Extream Makeover Home Edition shows!
(it should all be ready to send out in just a couple of weeks!)

FINGERS CROSSED! icon_mrgreen.gif
Hello all! Yes, it was a productive Saturday! Monica and I, as mentioned, were able to get all of the footage that we need for the Enchanted Forest video! I should have the video ready to go, hopefully by the end of this week. It shouldn't take too long to put together, but I am giving myself two weeks tops to get it completed. Our focus is on getting donations and help for the remaining structures that need to be fixed at the farm, as well as brought over from the original Enchanted Forest site. The video that Monica and I put together shows the many structures at the farm that have been saved, and that are still in need of restoration. And, I want to thank Monica for her time and effort that she has put into this project! We are commited to seeing the structures saved, and I believe this video is an excellent starting point!
Thank YOU Jason! For coming all the way from PA.!
I'll be working on tweeking those letters so that by the time you get the videos done we will be good to go!

Fingers crossed! icon_wink.gif
Hello all. Jason here. Wanted to let you all know that I have made a copy of the footage that Monica and I made this past weekend. I have put together all of the important shots, as well as some previous shots from when I was at the farm a few weeks ago. The video should be done in about a week. I'm trying various different ways of putting the video together, and I will send copies of them to Monica, and she can tell me which one we should use. I'll keep you all posted on the happenings with the video..
Jason B.
Though I didn't know the EF's history when I was a child, to find out as an adult that the EF was a non-segregated park during a time when many parks still were, makes me hope that the entrance castle will be kept up and taken care of not only because it was such an enchanted part of my life and thousands of others, but it SHOULD be saved for the historic place it has in Maryland's past!
In my opinion, the doorway to that entrance castle is symbolic to not only the open hearts and open minds of those who created it, but also to all those people who entered it over the years.
Love accepts all colors. Just as it should be.
So, here is a link to a powerful story I found that you may like to check out, if you'd like to have some idea of what the times were like that revolved around the early years of the Enchanted Forest.
It's a woman's own personal memory when she was a child at school and her first learning what segregation meant, and hearing that the Enchanted Forest was a non-segregated park and the impact that it made on her.
It's about half way down the page, and under the heading "Gwynn Oak and Hairspray."
I will always be thankful to the Harrison family and their Enchanted Forest! :heart:
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